By using a confident mix of history, architecture, comfort and grace we are able to achieve interiors that are chic and timeless – both familiar and fresh at once.


Originally from Boston, MA and forever a Celtics Fan, Taryn has over 20 years experience in the design industry.

After receiving a BA from Pepperdine University and a degree of interior design from UCLA, she honed her skills with several acclaimed Los Angeles designers. She opened her own shop in 1996 and quickly became sought after for her fresh and youthful designs.

In 2005, Taryn relocated her family and business to Lake Oswego, Oregon. While she maintains a devoted clientele in Oregon and California, she has had the privilege of working in many communities around the country. For fun she likes to work, really, work is fun for her.

“I am particularly inspired by the challenge of creating cohesive looks to homes that have undergone decades of remodels by various owners and architects. Every home has a unique energy that needs to be indulged and brought to life. This to me is the design process".

 When she is not knee deep in a design project she counts staying in luxury hotels, a great California Cab, and reading on her Kindle every night (that is if she stays up past nine) among her favorite things. She will forever be on the hunt for the perfect Philly Cheesesteak on the West Coast. 





Project Manager


Originally from Chicago, IL, Tanya serves as the Project Manager for Taryn Emerson Interiors and is charged with organizing all of the chaos. Having a background in graphic design, with an interest in all areas of interior design, coupled with her exceptional attention to detail, managing projects has become a natural part of the design process for Tanya. When she is not working or enjoying a workout at Burncycle, she enjoys spending time with family and friends exploring all the Northwest has to offer, whether its a tasty food cart meal or a great hike. She is currently teaching her youngest how to navigate tree roots at full speed while mountain biking.



Architectural Designer


Dominic handles the Architectural Design at TEI. Let’s face it, he makes our work look good! He is tasked with creating construction documents and renderings for the visualization of the designs. His favorite thing to do is create music with friends and in that he finds no greater joy. Right up there with music is a good architectural design. It feels like magic. Taking a concept and turning it into a real space that people can enjoy. He also likes camping on the beach, muscle cars and ice cream. He could give up candy and cookies, but not ice cream.